Photography by Keith Sanders

I took my first railway picture as a teenager in 1958  and it has been my main hobby (some would say childish obsession) ever since. I started with a Kodak box camera and moved onto a Voigtlander folding camera. I changed to 35mm in 1964 with a Periflex. A highlight in 1977 was the purchase of a new Nikkormat FT3 and I have stayed faithful to Nikon for my 35mm film and current digital cameras.

I also used a Mamiya 645 for medium format colour negatives and used to process my own colour prints.

After “real” steam finished in August 1968 I started photographing motor sport: motor racing at Oulton Park and rallying all over the UK. The latter included the home International rallies, where I was one of the official photographers on behalf of Rally Sport Magazine. Bitten by the rally bug I built a Mini Cooper S rally car in 1976 and I entered club events with reasonable success. I sold the car in 1982. The balance of photography then swung back to railways although I still photograph occasional motor sport events.

I have been a member of the RCTS Photographic Portfolios since 1966 and this is where I learned about the quality  

and angle of light, composition and all other things pertaining to photography. I thank the Portfolio members for their comments and critiques on my entries which, I think, has helped me to improve my photography. As a result I am a fan of rear three quarter, glint or silhouette lighting. I also try to choose interesting locations.

Until 1985 I lived in North Cheshire and then the job brought me to Edinburgh, hence the greater frequency of Scottish locations since then.

Following my move to Scotland, Douglas Hodgins and I co-authored three volumes of the Silver Link British Railways Past & Present series. They are volumes 9, 19 and 31. I did all the “present” photography. These can be obtained through Silver Link Publishing Ltd.

Retirement came in 2004 and I love the freedom that this allows for me to pursue my hobby.

Recently I have self-published five railway photo books with Blurb and  details and links are on the Books page.

During 2013-15 I am documenting progress on the Borders Railway with results being shown in the Borders Railway Gallery.

way Gallery.